Sunday, December 16, 2012

well...this is awkward

Hi, um... do you still remember me? Sorry for kind of disappearing. I just haven't been very inspired lately. Though that's still no excuse for my long absence. Forgive me? I promise I'll try to post more often! Anyways, want to know what I've been up to these days?

1. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was put to sleep, but the few days after the surgery was pretty uncomfortable and achy. I was only able to eat really soft foods and my swollen cheeks kinda made me look like a chipmunk. Have you had any of your wisdom teeth removed?

2. I caved in and got a Tumblr account. I already know it wasn't a good idea because I have enough distractions from homework as it is, but oh well. Care to follow me? I'll follow you back. By the Seashore.

3. Anybody have Facebook? If so, would you pretty please follow a page I created? I'd really appreciate it! It's not for my blog though, it's for a little business I'm a part of called Spark. So far we've only made candles, but we're thinking of making another product as well.

4. I'm really looking forward to Christmas! I seriously cannot wait! It has already snowed a couple times this month, but just a little bit. I'm hoping for a white Christmas! Just about a week left of school and then I'm free! :) I'm also in the middle of celebrating Hanukkah because I'm a Jewish Christian. What holiday do you celebrate this time of year?

Also, my heart goes out to all of those people who were killed in the elementary school massacre in Newtwon, Connecticut. So many young kids lost their lives, and it's right before the holidays! :( I'll be praying for the victims' families and friends.