Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Child's Rain

Up above all the clouds, the sea,
Is leaking crystal drops on me.
The clouds are getting rather thick.
They must repair the holes real quick.
The ground is getting very wet,
If it gets a cold I'll call the vet.
The trees are catching lots of rain,
I hope it's not causing them any pain.
I bet the flowers are fine and dandy,
For them the rain is pretty handy.
People run into whatever is near,
But it's just rain, what's to fear?
I enjoy all these rainy days.
Rain is good, I hope it stays.
If it does, and never stops,
We'll make some boats with pointy tops.
Oh boy, I hope that it doesn't hail.
Well, that's just a whole other tale!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Photography Contest Entries!

Jess is having an awesome photography contest.
The theme is beauty.

beauty photo contest and prize


And Jocee is also having a really cool photography contest.
The theme is something colourful.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take The Wheel

I forget sometimes. I forget what He did for me, and what it really means. That the life I'm living isn't mine. That I'm not in control. At times, these things slip my memory. I am a person who tends to over-think. Or make things a little more difficult than they have to be. But then I step back, and really look at what I'm doing. I'm trying to figure everything out, when really, it's not my job. God knows what He's doing. And I need to trust Him, and leave it in His hands.

But He did give us the opportunity to make our own choices. He gave us the freedom to do what we want. And that's good. Because then we can learn from our mistakes. We learn, and grow in our faith. I'm still learning to listen to God. I heard once that praying is good, but it should be a two-way conversation. I do talk to God, but I want to work on hearing Him. As a Christian, I'm still growing. And one thing I keep on having to learn is that we're not in control. Take the wheel, Lord, I put my trust in You ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Poem

You sparkle even brighter than the sun,
I just know deep down that you are the one.

I feel that we belong together,
Our relationship will last forever.

You loved me ever since the beginging.
Now you have got me spinning, with joy.

You are protecting and forgiving,
You make this life I've got worth living.

I know I can tell you anything,
Yet you already know everything.

You're the Light of the world, and I'm happy to see.
And I am so glad that God, you love me, for me.