Friday, January 21, 2011


Stand up, and be proud.
Don't let anybody put you down.

They may seem big, they may be mean,
But in the end that's all they're gonna be.

Don't let them tear you apart,
Don't take their lies to heart.

You know what they say isn't true,
Be strong and show them the real you.

You're so much better than all of them,
They're the ones with the problem.

Let your inner beauty shine,
Things will get better over time.

Words can hurt more than sticks and stones,
A heart can break just the same as bones.

Next time you're hit or teased.
Remember Him, and just believe.

The opposite of faith is fear,
Stick with God, he's always near.

This poem was inspired by the song Mean-Taylor Swift

Friday, January 14, 2011


Music is an interesting thing. No-matter who you are or where you are on this planet, everyone speaks the language of music! Some music is calming and relaxing while other genres are meant to excite and pump you up. Some just make you want to get up and dance! What is it about music that makes it so powerful?

I think music is unique and special because each song that has ever been written comes from the heart of a person. They were inspired and motivated to write about their life, their feelings, their dreams. The songs I like best are the ones that are real. The ones I can relate to ... that have a story behind them and can only be understood by another heart with the same feelings.

Music isn't just people singing. It's a way for God to communicate with us. He speaks to us through songs. His presence can be felt while listening to it. He uses music to heal, enlighten, and touch us. Maybe next time you want to speak to God, don't pray, but sing.