Friday, October 21, 2011

Falling for Fall

I ♥ Fall. The crunches of dead leaves under my feet.

The temperature is just right, not too hot and not too cold.
The wonderful weather makes for perfect outfits! Jeans, scarves, boots!

Also, the trees carry beautiful leaves of red, yellow and orange!
So many different colours, shapes and sizes!

And it's a great time of year for taking pictures!
I like to think of Fall as nature going out with a big bang before the winter season!

To me, Autumn is a season of change and newness.
It brings a sense of refreshment.

It gives me a cozy feeling, which prepares me for winter,
and yet still holds some excitement from the summer.
Did I mention I ♥ Fall?

What is your favourite season?
What are some things you like about Fall?
Do you prefer to call it Fall, or Autumn?

all pictures via weheartit.


  1. i love the felt season envelopes!

  2. I love fall!
    And those pictures you used are awesome! Love them :)

  3. I LOVE fall! It's like my favorite season!


  4. I call it Fall but when I want to sound "fancy" I call it Autumn ;) Teehee don't we all?

    Loving this post! :D

  5. Fall is my favorite season. :)

    I love the pictures! Especially the one of the four envelopes.

    I interchange fall and autumn depending on what the person I'm speaking to uses--that way there's no "Oh, you call it XXX"?

  6. I like fall too!

    But I love winter,,, but still here in new zealand It's just cold and wintry all the time;)


  7. These pics are amazing!

  8. That first photograph (sounds so much cooler than 'photo'!) is so beautiful! And I love that outfit. Hmm, well we've never called it "fall" over here in Australia -- it's always been Autumn.

  9. Anonymous2/1/12

    Thank you so much Shelley for following my blog. I really appreciate it. I also luv your pics on this post.


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