Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in sooo long! I've been busy with school and life, and just kinda lazy. Also, I haven't had much inspiration. But here's some pictures that might inspire you! I found them on Pinterest. Just press on the links to find out more about each one. And check out my Pinterest boards for more crafty ideas! http://pinterest.com/shell_e/

So cool! Love this re-purposing idea! :)

Buttons galore! Love all the different colours, shapes and sizes!

Made out of rolled recycled magazine pages!

I tried this last week, and it turned out really well!

So cute! I love mini things!


  1. Love the second and fourth one. I ♥ buttons!



  2. So want to do the crayon melt painting! Also, I'll make you a mini thing if you would like.


  3. Anonymous17/3/12

    ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

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    In the earlier, thanks!

  4. I love those pictures! :) Especially the one of the lampshade.

  5. First of all, when the Brit Nicole song came on, I got really excited because I love her. I got to see her in concert at my school and it was fabulous. She's so down to earth! And second, I love all these images! Obviously, the hair drying Crayon thing is amazing. I need to do that! And also, that button lamp is genius!


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