Monday, July 26, 2010

Rough Not Tough

A vandal

A thief

A criminal

In a town

In YOUR town.

Jini grew scared


By the reporter’s words.

She goes up to her room

Sits in silence

Until . . .

A noise

A roar



Her thoughts.

She looks out her window

To see a man

On a motorcycle.

He looks rough

Wild hair

Black leather jacket

Hard face.

Could he be

The criminal?

He stops

Grabs a bag

Begins to search for something.

Jini wonders

What is he looking for?

A gun?

A knife?

A bat?

Then a small


Brown book

Appears in the man’s hand

With the words

Holy Bible on the cover.

He opens the book

Reads aloud.

In shock, Jini steps back,


Feeling truly sorry.

She realized what she’s done.

She judged this man,

This stranger

Because of his appearance.

It turns out

Rough isn’t so tough after all.


  1. I like this. It's very different, but in a good way!
    Thanks so much for following my blog!!

  2. you totally rock. Your poems...your thoughts....your insights....are amazing.

  3. Oh...what a great lesson here....

  4. Thank you all for your great comments! I really love reading them! Keep 'em coming! :)

  5. You're so good at poetry! And I thought I'd commented on your last post, but when I checked it right now, my comment wasn't there. I guess I hadn't entered it properly, silly me.
    I think it's funny that you wrote this poem because just today I was reading the verse in the Bible which says " Judge not and you will not be judged." It truly is an important lesson to learn.

  6. Heeey, I used to love writing poems lol:) and that is a reallly good poem lol:) I was like, "aw madd" when i realized the guy was a christian haha. by the way, really nice blog, im so going to follow now:)


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