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Thursday, June 30, 2011


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The law is meant to protect, to keep order and peace ... though rules can broken. Theft. Vandalism. Murder. Anybody can be a criminal, and anybody can be a victim. Crimes can be anywhere, at any time, at any place. Some are planned, some are random. Crimes are committed all around the world, but why? What is the motive behind these wrongful acts? What is the purpose, the meaning, the reason?

Why is world peace an impossible hope? Why must there be war, and violence among this planet? Why can't everyone just get along? There's only one answer. Satan. As long as sin roams this earth, crimes will always exist. Sometimes there's no reason behind these crimes other than the darkness of the devil. So then what can be done about this problem? What can we do?

We can hold onto our faith, stay strong in the Lord, and pray for these people. Obviously criminals would be one of the last to come to mind when praying, but they're the ones who need it the most. They're on the opposite side, the wrong path, they're lost.

God can change even the darkest, coldest hearts. He can reach out and touch even the most evil, hated human beings. No matter how low you've fallen or how many sins you have on your slate, He can take all the shame away. He sees us for who we are, He doesn't judge us, but gives us everlasting love, even to criminals.

Who will love me for me?

Monday, June 20, 2011


I just recently discovered that I have been blogging for more than a year now. I checked my profile page, and I started this blog in March 2010. It's a little late, but I think we need to have celebration! Introducing Being Shelley's very first GIVEAWAY! It's summer themed!

There are two things, but both are one prize, so that means 1 winner. Here's what you could win:

↑ I made these earrings myself out of Starburst wrappers. ↑
Note: for those of you who have sensitive skin, or are allergic to certain metals, I'm afraid I don't know what the wire is made out of.

↑ I made this duct tape flower pen too, not the pen, the flower. It writes in black ink. ↑

Important Info
  • only comment on this post if you are entering. (if you have a comment, or concern, leave a comment on another post)
  • leave your email in each comment so I can contact you if you win
  • leave a separate comment for each entry please
  • the giveaway starts today, June 20th, and will end on July 10th, you have 20 days!
  • I will choose the winner by drawing from a hat/container thingy
  • once the winner is announced, she has 48 hours to contact me, or else I will pick a new winner
  • sorry, this giveaway is NOT international, only open to residents in Canada and the US
How to Enter
Mandatory Entry: You must follow my blog publicly using Google Friend Connect. And please, only follow if you're actually going to be a real follower and come back again! Of course, if you already follow that counts too!
(this is worth 1 entry)

Extra Entries
Spread the word and post about this giveaway on your blog! (Facebook and/or Twitter doesn't count) And include the giveaway button (located on my sidebar), in your post please. Then leave the URL link of that post (not your blog) in your comment.
(this is worth 1 entry)

Tell me your favourite thing about summer! It makes sense since this giveaway is summer themed!
(this is worth 1 entry)

Wow, hosting a giveaway is so much fun. I'm excited just writing this post! :) Well, good luck to everyone who enters! I've never really hosted anything before, so I hope this all works smoothly.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happiness Is ...

I'm linking up with Jocee's blog party post over at Cupcake Dictionary. Go check out her blog, it's pretty awesome! : )

  • miniature items, I love small things
  • happy faces and joyful smiles
  • a beautiful field of flowers
  • pictures of owls, they're just amazing
  • colourful lollipops, well ... any candy will do

  • huge libraries and old bookstores with a sliding ladder thing (or spiral staircases)
  • getting mail
  • bonfires and roasted marshmallows, yum
  • cute summery skirts with layers

all pictures in this post are from weheartit