Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holy Holes

Holes can be in the heart from a break-up, in the soul from a loss, in the mind from a failure.

We need to fill them to continue on with our journey. Fill them with love, God's love.

Though not all of these holes are completely bad. God also gives us holes to make us stronger. To teach us life lessons. In the big picture, they have purpose and meaning.

We don't always understand their purpose in our life. We just see the problems that God allows to take place. Then we question these holes, these problems. Sometimes we get mad at God, but really, God is trying to help us grow. Eventually we realize that all these obstacles are helping holes . . . holy holes.


  1. wow, shelley! ive never thought about it like that...your post totally put "holes" in perspective for me :)

  2. your insight always inspires me. ☺

  3. This was great! I have had many of these "holy holes" before...

  4. That is just so,so true.

  5. Anonymous31/8/10

    that top picture is great!


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