Tuesday, October 12, 2010

His Work of Art

The colours of the leaves in the fall are just beautiful. I look around at the gorgeous scenery and am amazed by God's wonderful work of art. He made all of this!

I like art. I like to make things, and be creative. I enjoy making cards, and designing clothes, writing poems, and using my imagination to create. God likes to do this too! The world we live in, every person on this planet, every leaf, every tree . . . it all contributes to a bigger picture, His masterpiece!

God's creations inspires me! I love His artwork, and so do many others! A numerous amount of people have painted, drawn, and sketched pictures of trees, flowers, mountains . . . all parts of His work of art! God inspires many people!

God's art makes people think. Everyone interprets His work in many different ways. When I see a baby bird I think about journeys, and my life ahead of me. Seeing beautiful flowers helps me to not forget to slow down to admire things more closely, and not rush through life. When I spot a colourful leaf changing, it reminds me of the beauty of His Work of Art.
What does His Work of Art make you think?

(All photos taken by me!)


  1. and you inspire me. ☺☺☺

  2. God's creation reminds me that He's right here with us. The birds singing, the leaves that are growing on the trees right now where I live, the colourful flowers, the fields of yellow, the blue skies, the wet rain, peaceful sunrise's and beautiful sunset's; it all reminds me that God is here with me, with us.

  3. I LOVE Autumn! It's such a beautiful season, and I wish the leaves would stay on the trees for months. And yes, God is the Ultimate Artist, and his creation never fails to inspire me. Thanks for another sweet post!

  4. God's an amazing artist! Thanks for reminding me of His beautiful blessings, Shelley.


  5. I found you through Sarah at "cultofdeception.blogspot" and I'm so thankful. I cannot wait to delve around here when I have more time. I already feel a welcoming embrace here. I look forward to following. Please stop by & follow as well. I will welcome any comments you might share. Hugs ~ Merana

  6. Hello Shelley!

    I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely comments you have left on my blog! They are always so encouraging :) The photos are lovely, good job!

    I hope you are having a lovely day!
    With love,

  7. Anonymous2/11/10

    Great pictures, Shelley! =D


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