Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is something we have to do a lot. We have to wait for the bus, wait for other people, wait in line at a cash register. It is a part of life. But do you ever feel like you are waiting for life? Almost as if you haven't really gotten to the good part yet. You're still waiting for that something special, something new and interesting to happen. Like there's something else coming, something worth waiting for.

Maybe you should stop waiting. Stop waiting... and start looking.

Lately I've been living life, and everything is really great, but it just seems normal. Average. The same. I want something more exciting! I've been waiting. After doing lots of thinking, I realized something, someone, has been waiting for me too. God. I've drifted away from Him, and He knows it, but He's waiting for me to come back on my own when I'm ready. I've gotten so caught up in life, that I've strayed away from my one true God. Well, I am done waiting.

God knows we are well worth waiting for, so He waits. It can take a while for us to understand that, and some never do. But when we run back to Him, He'll always welcome us with open arms. Once we return, we can fully live life without feeling like we're missing something. Because this time, we found what we were waiting for.


  1. Wow...This post is kindof exactly what I've needed to hear lately. I like how you said "He's waiting for me to come back on my own when I'm ready"...I tend to feel like when I drift away, why would he take me back yet another time? That sentence that you used is just so powerful to me. That He'll wait until I'm ready, and that He doesn't stop waiting.
    Wow. What an incredible God we have!

    ~Lauren :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I am here! I like how you write! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    In Christ,
    Hannah (From Devoted Daughter)

  3. wow, i've never thought of it that way. He's waiting for us, just like we're waiting for Him!


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