Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reading is an Adventure

Books are fascinating, almost magical. When I stumble upon the perfect novel, my imagination dives right in and my surroundings fade away. I get lost in the wonderful words. Each book holds a different story among it's pages. A book is far more than text on paper. Reading is not only for educational purposes, it's an adventure!

There are so many genres to read and explore, many talented authors that have a way of writing words and many intriguing covers that call you to venture inside. Some have yet to discover the love of reading, but for me, reading is the place where adventure begins. Books will always be a part of my life, in school, and at home. I love to read!

Do you like to read? If so, why? Is it because you relate to the stories? Or maybe because you like to put yourself in other's shoes? Or is it because when you read, you go away from the real world, and for a moment nothing else matters? Whatever the reason, I want to hear it! Please share your reading adventures!


  1. Mmm! I love to read! I get wrapped up in my story- to the point that one time after coming home from errands, I had been reading in the car and was at an interesting point so I just kept reading while I walked inside the house. In other words I wasn't looking at my feet but at my book and I stepped over a snake!!! Haha!

    I really enjoy historical fiction. I love where you have a good story, but you learn about history as well. :D

  2. I absolutely love reading because it totally widens my horizons. Distant countries, fantastic creatures, and daring rescues fill my mind and inspire me to make the most of the life I have. Books are an investment, and not just financially. A good book has the power to hold your emotions like a puppeteer controls his puppet with the slightest move of a string. I love books infused with humor and truth. I can't explain it- I just love books!

  3. I am quite the reader myself :) But in all honesty, I can't really pinpoint what it is that I love so much...I just so appreciate a book that takes me away to another world for a little while :) It's been a while since I've found a really amazing book, though...Maybe someday, you'll share some of your suggestions, as you seem to be a reader yourself, Shelley! :D I know I'd love that!! :D

    ~Lauren :)

  4. I love to read:) What I really love is being able to get caught up in someone else's life and their problems and being able to be in another world. I really like fantasy and historical fiction because you go into a totally different place!

  5. Anonymous7/3/11

    I love reading! I think I read to meet different people and visit new places. And it's so fun! I am never bored. ;)

  6. I agree! I wish I made more time to read.

  7. I love being taken away to a whole other world :)

  8. i love to read, I get so raped up in the story that i forget everything else while i read. Reading is what i do in my spair time...most of the time.


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