Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Child's Rain

Up above all the clouds, the sea,
Is leaking crystal drops on me.
The clouds are getting rather thick.
They must repair the holes real quick.
The ground is getting very wet,
If it gets a cold I'll call the vet.
The trees are catching lots of rain,
I hope it's not causing them any pain.
I bet the flowers are fine and dandy,
For them the rain is pretty handy.
People run into whatever is near,
But it's just rain, what's to fear?
I enjoy all these rainy days.
Rain is good, I hope it stays.
If it does, and never stops,
We'll make some boats with pointy tops.
Oh boy, I hope that it doesn't hail.
Well, that's just a whole other tale!


  1. I love it! You are quite a poet. :)

  2. This is such a nice poem, thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm there. I can visualize it clearly.
    You should definitely become a professional poet one day :)

    (P.S. there's something for you on my blog.)

  4. love this...the pic and mostly the sweet poem...


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