Thursday, June 30, 2011


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The law is meant to protect, to keep order and peace ... though rules can broken. Theft. Vandalism. Murder. Anybody can be a criminal, and anybody can be a victim. Crimes can be anywhere, at any time, at any place. Some are planned, some are random. Crimes are committed all around the world, but why? What is the motive behind these wrongful acts? What is the purpose, the meaning, the reason?

Why is world peace an impossible hope? Why must there be war, and violence among this planet? Why can't everyone just get along? There's only one answer. Satan. As long as sin roams this earth, crimes will always exist. Sometimes there's no reason behind these crimes other than the darkness of the devil. So then what can be done about this problem? What can we do?

We can hold onto our faith, stay strong in the Lord, and pray for these people. Obviously criminals would be one of the last to come to mind when praying, but they're the ones who need it the most. They're on the opposite side, the wrong path, they're lost.

God can change even the darkest, coldest hearts. He can reach out and touch even the most evil, hated human beings. No matter how low you've fallen or how many sins you have on your slate, He can take all the shame away. He sees us for who we are, He doesn't judge us, but gives us everlasting love, even to criminals.

Who will love me for me?


  1. I absolutely ♥ that song :) I hope you don't mind but I stumbled upon ur blog and completely love it. You now have 68 followers ;)

  2. love that song....and your post is so right on....always holding out hope that things can turn around and matter how far anyone has fallen.


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