Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh Shakespeare!

Why art thou so confusing?

You write in a language I don't understand.
I read your plays with a translator in hand,
Is it a code? A puzzle? A secret spell?
What is it you're trying to say? Please tell!
I must read your work in English class,
But if I don't get it, how can I pass?
This unit is very complicated,
The words you use are simply outdated.
Was this your main intention?
To cause such incomprehension?
Well if so, your plan was a success.
After learning this unit, my brain's a mess.
But have no fear, I'm able to recover.
At least 'till next year when I discover,
Another one of your plays I must analyze.
But maybe, just maybe, by some surprise,
In time, that I will grow to like thee,
I will just have to wait and see.
You know, a lot can happen in one year
But for now, goodbye Shakespeare!


  1. Love the poem! :)

    I'm currently studying Shakespeare as well (his sonnets) . . . he can be a bit confusing at times.

  2. bravo!! haha, yeah, just wait awhile. i didn't like it when i was younger, but now i love it so much, my aunt gave me her antique copy of his complete works ;)

  3. Neat! I love it. We're reading Shakespeare this year too, except I think it's supposed to be in easier English than the original. Which play did you study?

  4. Nice poem! I haven't actually read much -- er, any? -- Shakespeare, but I can imagine I would be reading the same sentences over and over, trying to get my mind to focus. So congratulations!;)

  5. Oh Shelley I can tell you are bright just by reading y our poem. I also remember Shakespeare in school. I had a teacher who loved it - and got excited - therefore I did. Good luck! sandie

  6. Absolutely LOVE this! I just started reading another Shakespeare play for my English 2 class. Now everytime I read, I'll think of this poem :)

  7. He-he. I hope I am able to see those hidden secrets too, Shelley!

    And I just love this post. I love Shakespeare!


  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments guys! I always appreciate them! And to answer Abby's question, the play we're studying in class is A Midsummer's Night Dream. :)

  9. I hate Shakespeare haha:D


  10. this is so cool...boy do you ever have an amazing way with words....Shakespeare would be proud!!!

  11. haha this is awesome :)

  12. Hahaha :) i love this! i also have a terrible time understanding Shakespeare and i love how you put your frustration into poem form... Great blog, too, btw :)

    Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!


  13. Anonymous8/12/11

    haha! You're too funny.

  14. mi no hablo shakespeare.


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