Monday, July 9, 2012

a hobby of mine

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I love to collect things. I really do. It might even be a slight obsession. I collect a whole bunch of stuff, from the springs inside of pens to more common things like coins. Some of my collections are small because I've just started them, while some are larger. Some started out for crafting reasons, some I just picked up from who knows where. But that's what I do. And maybe I do it because I like to organize things, or maybe because deep down inside they mean something to me. Whatever the reason, I love to collect things. I guess you could call it a hobby of mine. (:

 Since the caps of water bottle aren't recyclable, I decided to start collecting them instead of throwing them out. I'm still waiting to come across an awesome craft idea, or to think up one, so I can use these. 

 These are Crazerasers. They are colourful small erasers that are in the shapes of food, animals, things in the home etc. I love mini stuff, so when I found out these existed I started a collection of course!

 I love the Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I get them every year for Christmas. And when I'm done eating them, I keep the rest: the little cup, the golden wrapper, and even the sticker!

 I keep the fortunes from fortune cookies when we go to Chinese restaurants because a lot of them are really great messages that are very inspirational. So I can re-read them if I'm ever in a slump.

 Mini keys and locks. I told you I liked mini things! 
These remind me of the lock bridge I visited in Paris!

 Mini pencils! I started this collection a long time ago. It got quite hard to write with these things near the end before I brought them home.

 I began this collection after learning how to make Starburst strips and earrings. It's cool because there are so many different flavours!

 And here is a picture of my all the pop tabs I've collected.
 I plan to make a bracelet or belt out of these.

What do you like to collect?


  1. Neat! I used to collect Beanie Babies, but right now I don't collect anything.

  2. Those are cool collections!

  3. those are cool collections. I like cool stamps and teddy bears...:)
    that inspired me to do a post about collections!

    --Rachel s

  4. I have been collecting vintage plates that i find in thrift shops.

  5. Anonymous4/9/12

    Wow cool! What a great post idea:)

  6. Wow, I love your collections! I over collect. I collect fortune cookie fortunes too! Also, Godiva chocolate boxes, SPAM cans, entry stickers from museums, etc, movie tickets, Pelligrino tops, rubber bands and old ditto machine papers and many more!

    I've been dehoarding for almost a year now! Good to see I'm not the only one with unique collections! Thanks!

  7. Do you happen to have any mini chairs and tables or know where those could be had. Looking for some for a project.


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