Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Future is Friendly . . . Or is it?

The future has many great things in store for us! New technology, cures, discoveries, and much much more!

But have you ever thought of some of the other things that could await us in the future? There could be more violence, destruction, poverty, and as you have heard many times, global warming.

With the rising population, food, and water, and even air could cause wars between once peaceful countries.

Now I'm not trying to make you feel all depressed, and bring out the negative, but who really knows what the future will be like? Should we be scared? Thrilled? I think the only thing we can try to be is prepared. And to be prepared, we need God. He knows what our next step will be in our journey. He knows everything!

So what is my point exactly? We have to keep God closer than ever because He will help us with whatever happens in the future. He will always be there for us!


  1. Hi Shelley!!!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words on my blog! You have a neat blog yourself! =)

    I think it's great how you're using your blog to edify others in Christ and stand up for your faith! Keep up the good work, girl!

    And amen on this post: God is sovereign and has a plan for each of us! =)

    In Christ,

    PS - Can to tell I like exlamation marks? lol!

  2. You, DEFINITELY, get the stylish blogger award!!! Wow! I LOOOOOOOOVE your blog!!!!!!!!! You go to photobucket, search stylish blogger award and then you get the html code, and then you put it in your post after you tell who gave it to. then it'll show up as the award. After that you say five random facts and then you award five bloggers!!! Good luck!


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