Thursday, July 15, 2010

No One But Him

No one can mend a broken heart
No one can fix, what has fallen apart

No one can settle a raging wave
No one can foretell the acts of the brave

No one can perfect the Shepherd’s sheep
No one can create oceans as deep

No one can cause us to rise from the dead
No one can give food to who need to be fed

No one can make the blind see
No one can give you eternity

No one can turn water to blood
No one can dry out a massive flood

No one can cleanse the heart of sin
No one can know what's truly within

No one can know what tomorrow will bring
No one can do these, but Him


  1. beautiful....just like you. ☺

  2. Shelley...I read this poem over at your mom's are very talented..and a blessing!

  3. This is awesome! {just so you know, I'm here because I read a comment of yours over at another blog and you said that you wrote poetry. Being a poetry writer/lover myself I thought I'd check out your talent...I'm so glad I checked out your site! It's really quite cool}



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