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Friday, September 10, 2010

Hanging On

Things change,
When we don't want them to,
Though God has a plan,
For me and you,
He hears our prayers,
He hears our plea,
He knows what's best,
For you, and me!
He is my Savior,
He is my friend,
He'll be with me,
Until the end,
And even after,
When my life is done,
He'll stay by me,
And we'll have some fun!
I trust in Him,
He is my base,
With Him in my life,
I know I'm safe.
Things will be okay,
It will all work out,
God is it control,
And I have no doubt.
Through my life,
I will stand strong,
I will keep him close, I'm
Hanging On.

Hope you like this video. This song, helps me to stay strong, and to keep hanging on!


  1. love your poem! and that song! (:

  2. Ohh this is one of my (many) favorite songs from her! Thanks for posting it Shelley :)

  3. this poem is one of your best. You shine...you really shine.

  4. I also did the Crazy 8's Tag you tagged me to do! Fun stuff. :)


  5. Thanks for commenting and following my blog! I look forward to following yours.

    Katherine from Observations on Becoming

  6. lovely, lovely post. :)

    Thanks for always leaving me SUCH sweet comments. I promise I'll do a better job of the same because you're blog really is amazing. :)

    Love you girl, keep up the good work.

    Bleah Briann

  7. read your poem again...Have I told you lately....just how proud I am of you...You so shine girl.


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