Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small but Mighty

“Good things come in small packages”

~ Proverb quote

People say you have to start small to be big. I am already halfway there!

I am small. Petite. But I am strong! And still growing. In height, but also as a christian.

In a flood, it is the small, little trees that survive through the strong waves of the storm. They can bend, and flow with the water, unlike the bigger, stronger trees, which snap. The big ones grow their roots tightly in the ground, making a secure foundation, which is useless during a flood.

We need to be able to flow, like the small trees. Flow with God. If we are stubborn and grow our roots tightly in the ground, not willing to try new things and take risks, God can't use us in His plan for our lives. Then, we could snap, and drift away from God.

We need to loosen our roots, let God do what he wants with our lives because he knows what's best for us. If we do, we will survive even through the strongest storms.

So being small isn't so bad, it's actually great! And even though I may be small in size, I have a big heart, a big smile, and a big love for God. And I will flow, and let Him take me where He wants. I am small, but mighty!

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  1. are small but one mighty kid that I'm proud to know.


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