Saturday, July 30, 2011

"find some colour in this black and white world"

Of the five senses humans were given, I value sight the most. To not be able to see everything around me would be one of the hardest things to deal with. After seeing the beautiful colours of a rainbow, or the vibrant shades and hues of a flower, I can't imagine a world without colour.

Colour makes everything more delightful. It brightens a dull situation, adds flair to the mundane, brings life to things that seem common and turns them into something special. I believe colour is God's touch of happiness on this planet for when life seems a little dark or dim.

Colour is a way for people to express themselves. When I'm happy and in a good mood, I like to wear colours that pop and stand out. Each colour holds a variety of emotion and meanings. For example, the colour red is used to express love and passion.

Though not all colours are the same. The light blue headband on your desk is not even close to comparing with the various blues of the sky. We have the ability to mix colours using paints, dyes, and pencil crayons. But the colours we create will never be as radiant as the green grass that grows, or the red apples in the trees. God is the ultimate creator.

And there's not just your average red, blue, and yellow etc., but colours within a colour! Like in the colour category of blue there's aqua, teal, navy, indigo, turquoise and so many more! Who knew colours could be so complex?

all pictures from weheartit


  1. Color is so wonderful. I can only imagine what a dreadfully boring world it would be without it!!!

    Btw, I emailed you. Just makin sure you got it!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Loving the pic of the colorful elmos ;) I will love elmo forever hehe <3
    Gorgeous blog, girlie!

  3. Color is so important--in practically everything.

    Love the pictures! :)

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  5. this is an awesome post!;) i might do one like this on my blog if thats okay?:):):):)

  6. Anonymous4/8/11

    What a great post! How true, life would be so utterly dull without color!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, I greatly appreciate it!


  7. Colour is so wonderful, and you call to attention how much people take for granted. What a great, insightful post!

  8. Anonymous7/8/11

    Great post! Color is amazing :)


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