Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Each Day

↓ Like the new watermark? ↓

Each day is like a chance, a chance to make a difference.

Each day is like a gift, a gift that should be cherished.

Each day is like a leaf, a leaf among many others.

Each day is like a baby, a baby with a fresh, new start.

Each day is like a wave, a wave that makes up the sea.

Each day is like a shoe, a shoe that doesn't fit all.

Each day is like a swing, a swing that goes up and down.

Each day is His, His day is supposed to be lived.


  1. That looks great! How'd you do it?

    Abby :D

  2. How did you do your watermark? Sorry I wasn't clear. :D

    Abby :D

  3. Love it, Shelley. It's a lovely watermark, and the pictures are great, too. :)


  4. Anonymous18/11/10


  5. Anonymous18/11/10

    The leaf is so pretty! I love the watermark!

  6. Anonymous18/11/10

    Shelley, sweetie, I don't even know what a watermark is! I'm going to have to google that. But I'll tell you this- your posts are a very special reminder of so much goodness. I love them.

    The photos are lovely!

  7. Anonymous18/11/10


    I do not know how to play tag!! Are you laughing at me now?!

    I'll answer your questions here though-

    1. Someone else? No. Not anymore. :) :)
    2. No!! I do not know how to skate!
    3. "Writing" reminded me of Sarah's blog. :) I like both. :) :)
    4. Oh, yes! I dream a LOT about my future!! A LOT.
    5. Toe socks! Yes! I found a pair in my closet just yesterday!! :D Mum must have bought them for me. :)
    6. Love at first sight? ooh! You sound like a romantic! I believe in love. First sight, not so much!
    7. I LOVED sparkles when I used to use them!
    8. I enjoyed answering your questions. So, I guess the answer is yes!! :D

  8. I love this, it's so true! I think everybody should read this and take heed.

  9. you always inspire me....

  10. The picture of the leaf was lovely. :)

  11. Great post, love the pictures! Especially the one of the leaf. Awesome watermark, too. =)


  12. Very nice post!

    Thank you for following my blog.

    You have a very cute blog here. :)

    In Christ's Service,


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